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How to check your tyre size

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Whether it's new or second-hand tyres you're considering purchasing, it's always beneficial to be able to check and record your vehicle's tyre size before visiting your garage.


That's where Project Mobile Tyre come in. Below, we have compiled a comprehensive guide explaining exactly what your tyre's measurements mean using the diagram above.


The best way to check your tyre size is to read it from the side of the tyre wall. In the example pictured above, the tyre has a width of 200, a profile of 50, a diameter of 15 and a speed rating of W.


200 is the nominal tyre section width in millimetres.


50 is the profile aspect ratio of the tyre; which means the height of the tyre's cross-section, expressed as a percentage of its width. This is often referred to as the tyre's "profile" (e.g. low profile tyres).


15 is the diameter in inches of the wheel rim which the tyre has been fitted to.


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